Vanessa’s Miniature Dolls

Miniature DollsThis Miniature Dolls website is to showcase and sell the beautiful dolls dressed by Vanessa Higgins. Every doll is individual, a completely unique one off that will never be made again – although there might be other members of the dolls family for sale.

All the dolls costumes are hand-sewn or glued by Vanessa, the dolls are wigged by Vanessa too  in order to leave the hair looking soft and natural.

Vanessa’s ethos is to use as much antique and vintage material as possible when making the clothes, to maintain the authenticity and period integrity of the dolls. After spending a lifetime as a dressmaker and crafter of the highest quality, spending many hours creating an intricately prefect Doll Miniatures was a natural progression for Vanessa to take.

Commission projects are taken on by request – if you have a specific required for the dolls attire then please contact Vanessa. If you have any questions that you’d like to ask about the proposition or specifics about a particular Miniature Doll please feel free to ask.